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What Is Emergency Dental Care?

August 30, 2021
Posted By: Mountainside Family Dental
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Though we’ve all experienced unanticipated circumstances, what actually constitutes an emergency is more subjective than you might think. Some people in Mountainside, NJ would fall back on the age-old adage; “I don’t know what it is, but I’ll know it when I see it.” At Mountainside Family Dental, Dr. Robert Kudla Jr.’s inspiration for becoming a dentist can be traced back to an emergency dental experience, so you can be assured that, when it comes to dental emergencies, they may offer some solid guidelines.

Impact-Related Dental Trauma

One incident that almost always requires emergency dental care in Mountainside is a tooth knocked out by some form of impact. Maybe you took a spill over the handlebars of your bike or an ‘unscheduled dismount’ from a horse. Or perhaps you just got hit in the face, and now, one or more teeth are dislodged from their homes. This is definitely an emergency because quick thinking and action may save the tooth. So, if this happens to you, take these steps immediately:

  1. Gently pick up the tooth – avoid touching the root
  2. Carefully rinse it with clear water
  3. Reinsert the tooth if possible, or submerge it in a container filled with milk
  4. Call Mountainside Family Dental at (908) 232-6900 for further instructions

OUCH! When Is Tooth Pain a Dental Emergency?

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something's wrong, and severe pain may indicate something's very wrong. But pain is also subjective and so in itself is not necessarily an emergency. For example, an abscess, or tooth infection, may be treated early and not become an issue. But if you neglect an infection, it may progress and require acute treatment. Additionally, a lost or broken dental crown may be ok if you wait to correct it. However, if it exposes a nerve, the pain may be unbearable, and you’ll want to seek treatment right away.

Preventive Dentistry Is the Cure

Traumatic incidents like lost or broken teeth may be unavoidable, but abscesses and other problems are preventable if you follow a few straightforward measures. First, routine dental care and teeth cleanings will, in many cases, get ahead of issues as they are emerging. Drs. Robert Kudla, Sr. and Jr. will always inspect your teeth and make preventative recommendations. Next, a good home hygiene routine is also vital to averting potential problems.

When in Doubt, Always Call Mountainside Family Dental

So, if you’re experiencing a dental problem, pain, swelling, or other possible need for urgent dental care in Mountainside, Westfield, Garwood, Cranford, and the Union County area, NJ, your best course of action is to give us a call at (908) 232-6900 . Our friendly staff will advise you whether you need to schedule emergency dental treatment, and ensure that your emergency is handled with skillful care.

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