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Infection after Oral Surgery – What Are the Risks?

March 14, 2022
Posted By: Mountainside Family Dental Team
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Sometimes patients must undergo a significant surgery like implant placement or tooth extraction. Because of the nature of these dental procedures, there is always some inherent risk of a post-operation infection. 

The risk for operations like tooth extractions in Mountainside, NJ, is very low for most patients. Patients with compromised immune systems or diabetes are at higher risk for post-operative infections. Your dentist may choose or be more likely to place compromised patients onto an antibiotic treatment post-operation to help prevent it.

Patients who take substandard care of their oral health are the most likely to suffer from a post-operation infection. 

How Do I Help Prevent Infection After Oral Surgery?

Worries about post-operation infection will have you asking your dentist in Westfield, NJ questions like, "Can I drink soda after wisdom teeth removal?" Sorry, but you'll have to wait. We have answers to all of your questions. 

Follow all of your dentist's post-care instructions. After the procedure, your dentist will give you detailed care instructions for your post-operation care. They will also prescribe any necessary medication, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatories. 

Contact your dentist as soon as you suspect you may be suffering from an infection. 

You can take several measures to help ensure that your mouth does not become infected due to a dental operation. These aren't foolproof but are beneficial to your oral health. 

Here are general tips for avoiding post-operation infection:

  • Avoid smoking or tobacco use. Even chewing tobacco has been shown to drastically reduce the health of your gums and promote the formation of bacteria that could infect your site of operation.
  • Use prescribed rises or salt water rinses to help keep your mouth clean while the operation site heals.
  • Avoid sucking on straws or anything that could cause the healing clot to dislodge.
  • Avoid things that can aggravate sensitivity or swelling like spicy foods or extreme temperatures like hot soup or coffee.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks like soda for the first few days of healing.

What Happens If I Get an Infection?

Sometimes, an infection will develop despite our best effort following the care instructions. It is always in the patient's best interest to seek treatment for their infections as soon as possible.

Post-operation patients will often experience pain, swelling, and sensitivity that can be mistaken for infection.

Listen to your dentist's explanation of the post-operation symptoms and the duration of time you need to spend healing. If you experience infection signs after oral surgery, it is time to contact your dentist in Westfield, NJ. Getting treatment is critical for your oral health. 

Signs of infection after surgery: 

  • Pus or discharge from the site of infection
  • Persistent numbness in parts of the jaw, mouth, or face
  • Swelling in the jaw, lymph nodes, face, or mouth
  • Trouble swallowing, chewing, breathing, or talking
  • Pain that prescribed medication doesn't stop
  • Bad breath that doesn't go away, even after appropriate care and treatment
  • A persistent bitter taste that doesn't go away or returns after cleaning
  • A fever that stays the same or worsens with time

If you experience these symptoms, contact your local Mountainside dentist today to schedule a as soon as possible.

Infections like these can be pretty dangerous, posing a threat not only to your oral health but to your immune system as well. When infections reach the bloodstream, they can cause significant health problems and risks. Not to mention, an infection can damage your gums, jawbone, and surrounding teeth.

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