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Questions to Ask Your Dentist

June 30, 2022
Posted By: Mountainside Family Dental
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Asking your dentist or hygienist questions is integral to your long-term oral health care. Here are six common questions to ask your local Union County dentist. 

#1 How Often Should I Get Dental Checkups?

Oral health varies per person, but a general rule for adults is to visit their dentist for dental exams and teeth cleanings once or twice yearly. Routine checkups ensure your teeth are professionally cleaned and you maintain good oral health. 

#2 How Can I Practice Good Oral Hygiene at Home?

Good oral hygiene at home means more than daily brushing and flossing. Here are other tips:

  • Use products that contain fluoride. 
  • Limit high-sugar snacks. 
  • Avoid tobacco products.

#3 How Can I Improve the Whiteness of My Teeth?

A clean, beautiful smile with white teeth can be a massive confidence booster. Most people have stains or discoloration from foods, drinks, and more. At-home or in-office professional teeth whitening can remove surface stains, while composite bonding, veneers, or dental crowns can conceal internal discoloration. We also recommend practicing good oral hygiene and limiting stain-causing foods, liquids, and habits, such as coffee, red wine, and tobacco. 

#4 How Do I Prevent Cavities, Gum Disease, and Other Problems?

The best way to ensure your mouth stays healthy and disease-free is as follows:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Twice-daily brushing
  • Once-daily flossing
  • Regular dental visits for exams and cleanings 

Your dental professional can discuss this in more detail during your appointment and help protect your oral health. 

#5 Why Do I Need to Have Dental X-Rays Taken?

Your dentist takes a complete set of dental x-rays to monitor any oral health changes that may occur between appointments. Some dental x-rays may be taken every year, while others are taken every two years, and so on. 

#6 Should I Use Mouthwash Regularly?

This depends as there are many different types of mouthwash. Cosmetic rinses freshen breath, maintain a healthy dental color, and contain fluoride to fight cavities. Therapeutic mouthwashes help treat conditions like tooth sensitivity, inflammation, and gingivitis. If you have a more advanced condition, your dentist may prescribe a mouthwash to fight bacteria, inflammation, and plaque.  

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