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Can a cosmetic dentist fix a crooked tooth?

If you have a healthy smile but wish your teeth were more attractive, cosmetic dentistry in Mountainside, NJ may be for you. And modern options include price points that work with many budgets.

Invisalign or Veneers to Fix Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, the most popular fix is Invisalign in Mountainside, NJ. This transparent orthodontic system can correct the following:

  • Crooked, overlapping, or twisted teeth
  • Gaps or uneven spacing between teeth
  • Bite issues, including the overbite

You can also talk to your cosmetic dentist about concealing rather than correcting the tooth flaw for a single crooked tooth. Typically, we recommend dental veneers.

A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain fitted across the front of your tooth. It can hide many issues, including wear, discoloration, or a slightly crooked tooth.

One of the many benefits of dental veneers is that you can treat one tooth or many. It’s all about you and your smile goals.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Cosmetic Dentist in Mountainside!

Before starting your cosmetic treatment, your cosmetic dentist in Mountainside assesses your teeth and gum health to ensure treatment is a good option.

We would love to hear from you today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation or if you have questions about treatment.

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