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How does a dentist repair a cracked front tooth?

A cracked tooth does more than detract from your smile. It also leaves the tooth vulnerable to infection or future breakage. Your Mountainside, NJ emergency dentist can restore a cracked tooth with restorative dentistry or replace the tooth if the damage is too significant.

Cracked tooth treatment—depending on severity—may include one of the following:

Your dentist will assess the state of your tooth and work with you to make the best determination for treatment. Our policy is to present all possible options so you can make an informed decision about care.

A severely chipped tooth often requires urgent dental care in Mountainside, NJ. We want to treat a severe tooth break as soon as possible to prevent infection or further damage. Fortunately, we always make time in our schedule for dental emergencies.

To Restore a Broken Tooth, Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Mountainside, NJ

You don't have to hide your smile if you have a broken or damaged tooth. We offer tooth repair treatment and rely on the dental latest technologies for a lasting and beautiful result. Contact Mountainside Family Dental to get started.

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