Dental Crowns & Bridges in Union County

Digital impression on a laptop at Mountainside NJ dentist officeWhen you have a tooth that becomes damaged or compromised, it will need repair so you can avoid any discomfort or further problems. At Mountainside Family Dental, we offer a variety of treatments to restore damaged teeth.

Dental fillings are ideal for small areas of tooth decay that need repair, but larger areas of enamel breakdown or fractures may need a dental crown.

If you’re facing a tooth extraction and thinking of replacement solutions, a dental bridge may be ideal for filling the gap in your smile.

When Dental Crowns Are Necessary

Tooth crowns are designed to fit over a damaged tooth all the way to the gumline, like a cap. They protect your natural tooth and root by covering it and closely matching its shape and size.

Ceramic porcelain makes for a natural appearance, so your restoration blends nicely into your smile and isn’t noticeable. Porcelain is also a durable material that provides you with the function and support you need to chew and eat with ease.

Our dentists in Mountainside may recommend a dental crown for the following situations:

  • Tooth decay beyond what filling can restore
  • A cracked or fractured tooth
  • To rebuild and support a tooth following a root canal
  • As a single tooth restoration for a dental implant
  • To restore a tooth with cosmetic imperfections

A tooth crown is an excellent solution to protect your natural tooth’s integrity while aesthetically complementing your smile.

Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

We can replace one or more missing adjacent teeth with a dental bridge. Using tooth crowns as anchors to your healthy teeth, a bridge uses prosthetic teeth to fill the gap in between.

Your bridge is also made of porcelain and will complement your smile as well as keeping neighboring teeth from shifting. It will also give you back chewing function to make eating comfortable again.

Getting a Crown or Bridge at Mountainside Family DentalClose up of dental crowns at Mountainside NJ dentist office

The procedure for completing a tooth crown or dental bridge is similar and straightforward. For either restoration, you’ll need two appointments with your Mountainside dentist.

During your first appointment, Dr. Kudla Sr. or Jr. will prepare your tooth for its new restoration by reshaping it and taking an impression. Digital impressions make this process much more comfortable for our patients because we can scan a 3-D image directly to the dental lab. Digital impressions also speed up turn-around time, so you’re not waiting for weeks for your new crown or bridge.

When the dental lab has completed your restoration, you’ll return to Mountainside Family Dental to have our dentists permanently place your crown or bridge. They’ll make any necessary adjustments to your restoration at this time to ensure that you can chew and eat with ease.

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